Frequently asked questions

Is there wheelchair access at Our Place Tauranga?
Our Place Tauranga has wheelchair access at both the Willow St and Hamilton St carpark entrances with a raised platform around the complex providing access to to all public areas. We also have dissabled toilet facilities located within the common area between the dishwashing trailer and Myah Closet.
Can you smoke at Our Place?
Who smokes these days? and if you do or have chosen the modern alternative of vaping then both are strictly not allowed within the premises.
Is there a dress code?
Our Place Tauranga is a welcoming venue and we encourage all members of the public to visit and enjoy - however, we do have some restrictions and they include gang patches, soiled workboots, wearing hoods up while in Our Place and we will also remove anyone displaying anti-social behaviour.
Are there any age restrictions?
Unless stipulated with private or ticketed events then we welcome all ages. We do request however that all children are supervised at all times for Health and Safety reasons.
Are dogs allowed at Our Place Tauranga?
We have a dog station located at the Willow St entrance for you to utilise if visiting with a canine companion. Unless your companion is a guide dog then it is mandatory that your animal is connected to this station and that your dog doesn't display anti-social behaviour to avoid being asked to leave.

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