A good public place is one that reflects diversity and encourages people to live together effortlessly. It is the vitality of places that attracts people. What guarantees this vitality is the possibility of enjoying urban places in various ways.

Our Place

The objective and vision for Our Place is to work with the community in creating a safe, vibrant and energetic venue in the heart of the Tauranga CBD, turning a space into a great community place.

Our Well-Being

Our Well-Being is for members of the community to recharge and connect the body to the mind, helping to create a robust and healthy community filled with productive people.

Our Discoveries

Our Discoveries provides a platform where people can interact, form and sustain social ties, as well as engage in discussion, learn and debate via our series of workshops.

Our Artisans

Boutique retailers and food offerings are complemented by some of the regions more obscure brewers, which provides the space to evolve micro-businesses into viable CBD stalwarts.

Our Community

Bringing people together to advocate and support each other, which creates a sense of belonging, and that sense of belonging is what connects us to our city.

Our Leisure

Comprised of music, dance, comedy and theatre, the adaptable event space(s) have the versatility to cater for markets, community events, private functions and workshops.

Stay tuned, you never know...

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